Loveland Window Film

Window Film for Loveland, Colorado

We are Colorado’s window tinting and window film experts, and we’ve been a fixture in the home improvements industry for over twenty years. As a local company, we’re all too familiar with Colorado’s cold winters and hot summers—and the benefits window tinting can provide.

Don’t confuse window tinting with the type of tint that comes on your car, which darkens the color of the windows and over time, can scratch or bubble. The kinds of window tints we install in your home are quite different. They don’t darken your windows at all, but rather let in the light. They do cut down the sun’s heat entering your home, or your own heat escaping through the panes of glass in the winter.
Think window tinting . . . without the tint! We offer a wide variety of window tinting products for homes and commercial applications.

Benefits of Loveland Window Tint

  • LovelandHaving window films installed in your home or business can save you as much as 50% off your current energy costs—over the course of the year.
  • Our high-quality products reduce the amount of the sun’s heat coming in through your windows—by up to 79%!
  • This reduces the amount or air conditioning required. In fact, some of our clients have happily reported no longer needing to run their air conditioners at all.
  • Removes almost all the damaging UV radiation, (99.9%) protecting your floors, carpets, drapes, artwork and furniture from fading.
  • Acts as a thermal barrier in winter, keeping the heat in in the winter. Scottish window tinting gives a single pane window the thermal efficiency of a double, a double the efficiency of a triple, etc.
  • Makes your home more comfortable, year round.
  • Different kinds of window films available, for enhanced security, anti-graffiti, privacy, etc.
  • Window film never bubbles or peels off, because it is actually bonded to the window.
  • Reduces the glare reflecting off of TVs, computers, and other screens.

Loveland Residential Window Tinting

We are a local company, dedicated to using the best products and offering the highest quality customer service. Please take a look at our client testimonials.

“Very professional, very pleasant, on-time and the results are fantastic. No more sunrises heating up my living room. I wish I had known about this earlier! I would highly recommend this company.” — Helen Sheeren, July 7, 2013

Products for the home include: UV blocking window film, energy saving window film, privacy film, and more. Contact us today for more information as to which product is best for your needs.

Commercial Window Film Loveland

Whether your business or commercial building needs security, privacy, energy efficiency—or any combination—we have the perfect product.

Did you know that upgrading a building’s energy efficiency with EnerLogic commercial window films can be done at a much lower cost than new windows? The savings in your energy costs will allow this investment to pay for itself very quickly.

Please take a look at the different types of window films available right here, and contact us today for a free estimate.