Greeley Window Tinting

Window Film for Greeley, Colorado

Scottish Window Tinting is a leading provider of home and commercial window films and tints, with over twenty years’ experience in the home improvements industry. With Greeley’s cold winters, sweltering summers, and the never-ending rise in energy costs, residents have a need for cost effective solutions. Window tinting and window films offer such a solution.


Benefits of Greeley Window Tint

Residential and commercial window tinting makes buildings more energy efficient and more comfortable by saving you as much as 50% off your current energy costs over the course of the year. Here’s how it works:


  • Window films reduce the amount of the sun’s heat coming in through your windows up to 79%, without cutting down on the light! This will reduces the need for air conditioning all summer long. In fact, we’ve heard from some of our clients that they have retired their air conditioners and are more comfortable in their own homes.
  • Window films provide a powerfully effective thermal barrier in winter, keeping the heat in. (So much heat is lost through a home’s windows.) Scottish window tinting gives a single pane window the thermal efficiency of a double pane, and a double pane the efficiency of a triple, etc.
  • Window films block almost all of the sun’s damaging UV radiation, in some cases up to 99.9%! This protects your floors, carpets, drapes, artwork and furniture from fading and needing to be replaced. At the same time, they provide substantial reduction of uncomfortable glare on your TV or computer screens, saving your eyesight.

Window films are an extremely affordable alternative to expensive window replacements, with quick and easy installation. Simply put, they will make your home more comfortable, year round.

Greeley Residential Window Tinting

We are a local company, and superb customer service is the name of our game. We guarantee you will be delighted with both our service, and our products. But please, don’t take our word for it. Check out what our delighted customers have to say here.

We offer a wide variety of products, so please contact us and speak to one of our expert advisers to discuss the perfect window film product for your home’s needs.

“Having very large southwest facing windows, this was the best decision we’ve ever made to make our main family living area very comfortable. Only wish we would have done this sooner! . . . very happy with their service from consult to install!” — Mandy Stevenson, November 2, 2012

Commercial Window Film Greeley

Commercial buildings have various different window tinting needs, which can include security, privacy, and energy efficiency, safety, or even decorative products.

Providing a cost effective alternative to window replacement, our window films will pay back your investment quickly with the substantial energy savings they provide. Learn more about the wide variety of products we have available.

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