Castle Rock Window Tinting

Window Film for Castle Rock, Colorado

Knock out those exorbitant energy bills with Scottish Window Tinting. As a local Colorado company, we know how the sun heats our homes in the summer and how our heat escapes through our windows and glass doors in the winter. Both of those factors combine to cause high heating and cooling bills—but for residents of Castle Rock, window tinting offers an environmentally and budget friendly solution.

Benefits of Castle Rock Window Tint

The main benefit of window tinting, also known as window films, is that it can save you up to sixty percent off your energy bills over a year’s time. But at the same time, window tinting can heighten your enjoyment of your home or office space. Here’s how it works:
Castle Rock Colorado Window Tinting

  • In summer: Window tint blocks interior heat gain from the hot summer sun by as much as 79 percent. Instead of having to keep curtains closed or shades drawn, the window tint does the work, keeping your home cooler and cutting down on your need for air conditioning.
  • In winter: Window tint increases the thermal efficiency of your windows and glass doors. It gives a single pane of glass the thermal insulating properties of a double pane. If you already have double paned glass, it will take on the properties of a triple. This keeps your heat indoors and cuts down on how high you need to crank that thermostat to stay warm and comfortable.
  • All year: Window tint cuts down glare and blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays from fading your furniture, carpets, and art. Our high quality window tints block UV rays up to 99 percent!
  • Add to that the ease of installation, the fact that window tint costs a fraction of replacement windows, and the fact that the energy savings allow this investment to pay for itself in several years—and you’ll see why in Castle Rock, window tint is becoming the preferred energy saving option.

Castle Rock Residential Window Tinting

Scottish Window Tinting is Colorado proud! As a local company with two decades of home improvement experience under our collective tool-belts, we offer outstanding, top of the line products, expert installation, and apparently—our customer service cannot be beat.
See what some of our delighted customers have to say about our service and the results of window tinting right here.
“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. In just a few days I had my windows tinted and I can already “feel” the difference. I can’t wait to get my next electricity bill.” — Augusto, April 21, 2012

And in case you’re wondering, Castle Rock residential window tinting is wholly different from the tint on your car windows. It will only darken your windows as much as you choose; in most cases the difference will be all but imperceptible.

Commercial Window Film Castle Rock

We are proud to offer Vista, Llumar and EnerLogic window tints. We carry commercial window film for Castle Rock businesses who are seeking better security or loss prevention, more privacy or decorative branding, and of course, energy efficiency. For larger buildings such as office buildings or government buildings with a lot of windows, the savings can be astronomical. Window film is an investment that most clients report pays for itself in two to five years.

Please contact us today and speak with one of our trained sales professionals to determine which of our high quality window films best meets your needs, and to receive a free bid.

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