Denver Window Tint That Lowers Your Energy Bill

Go Green and Save Money on Electricity Costs with Energy Saving Window Tinting for Your Denver Home or Commercial Building

Denver’s a beautiful city, but living at a mile high comes with a price. The rays of the sun beat down relentlessly on the buildings and residents in Denver, making energy costs and UV damage a serious issue. But with energy saving window tinting, you can save your Denver home or business from the sun and a more eco friendly space. Energy saving window tinting works to control glare, regulate indoor temperatures, and block out harmful UV rays. At Scottish Window Tinting, we work some of the leading brands in energy saving window film like EnerLogic, 3M, Vista,Llumar, and more. With just one simple installation, you could experience a full return on your investment in less than two years!

Types of Energy Saving Window Tint

Heat, Glare, and UV Reduction

Protect your building and occupants from intense sunlight with solar control window film. Solar control window film works to filter out 99.9% of harmful UV rays that cause skin damage, eye disease, and fading. It also prevents excess heat from entering your building, thereby reducing cooling costs and increasing occupant comfort. Screen viewing for computers, laptops, and other electronics can also be less strenuous due to window film’s glare reduction benefits. From those located in East Denver all the way to the west at the base of the Rocky Mountains, everyone can benefit from solar control film.

Daylight Redirecting

Cut costs for artificial lighting and improve your indoor environment with daylight redirecting film. Daylight redirecting film works to extend the reach of natural sunlight further into your building so that your employees or students can enjoy the beautiful Colorado sunshine. Studies have shown that this film can cause increases in energy, boost employee productivity, and raise student test scores. Daylight redirecting film is a smart move for Denver schools, universities, and commercial buildings.

Low-E and Energy Saving

Experience a reduction of up to 60% in your energy costs with energy saving and low-e window film. Energy saving window tint works to regulate the amount of heat that enters and leaves your building so that you stay cooler during the summer and warm all throughout the freezing cold winter. At Scottish Window Tinting, we work with incredibly effective low-e window films like EnerLogic and 3M Thinsulate to provide our clients with amazing results. Most of our customers experience a full ROI on their window tint in two years or less!

Tired of dealing with energy expenses? Start saving money today and call Scottish Window Tinting to schedule an appointment to have energy saving window tinting installed for your Denver home or business.