Window Film Makes Your Home Even More Comfortable

Window film is becoming a very popular window treatment for homeowners, and it offers some incredible benefits.  Whether you choose to add film to your entire home, or just one side of windows, you’ll be able to notice the difference immediately.

At Scottish Window Tinting, we won’t waste your money and time with low-quality, adhesive based films that will peel and bubble over time.  Instead, we work with only the highest quality windows films that will save you serious energy, and are still available at a reasonable price.  Solutia manufactures all of our tinting products, and our film actually forms a bond with the glass which means you’ll never have to worry about bubbling.

Add Comfort to Your Home While Saving Energy

Investing in window film is a great way to save energy at a significantly lower investment price than replacement windows.  In fact, we have found that in many cases, window tinting is actually even more effective that a full replacement project in terms of savings energy.  Our process can save you up to 60 percent on your heating and cooling bills each month.

While energy savings is one of the most common reason homeowners invest in this process, the benefits are even more far-reaching.  Your home should be a place of absolute comfort, and window film can help you to achieve that in a few ways:

  • Keeping your home cool in the summer: Window film works to reflect the sun’s heat away from your windows during the warmer months instead of the letting the heat easily pass through into your home.  This means it will take less energy to keep your home cool, allowing you to better afford to live at a more comfortable temperature.
  • Keeping your home warm in the winter:  The same way that film reflects heat out during the summer, it will reflect heat back in during the winter.  You won’t be losing heat energy when you turn up your thermostat, which can mean stay toasty warm without piling on the layers during the colder months of the year.
  • Anti-glare:  Adding window film to your windows can actually reduce the amount of glare from sunlight that you see on your electronics throughout the day.  This means that no matter how bright that afternoon sun shines into your home, you’ll have an easier time seeing the screens on your phone, television, and computers where film has been installed.

Comfortable Homes with Scottish Window Tinting

If you want to learn more about any of our excellent window film products, or our process, give us a call or send an email today.  Our team will set you up with an expert to come give you an estimate on your project, and get you started on saving energy and creating a more comfortable home immediately!