During the long hot Dallas summers, window film is a solution to keep homes cooler but also it saves money on utility bills all year long.

Help Control Interior Temperatures this Summer with Window Film

Help Control Interior Temperatures this Summer with Window Film

Last summer was incredibly hot here in Dallas.  It is only spring and already things are heating up again.  If the warm temperatures of the spring are an indication of what is to come– we are in for some intense summer heat. There is no denying high temperatures in the summer in Dallas mean high utility bills.  Now is the time to start thinking about how to lower these bills, especially with the cost of energy on the rise. Window film pays for itself in three years and after that, starts putting money back in your wallet. Plus, it has a lot of other benefits too.

Keeping Cool This Summer With Window Film On Your Dallas Home

Window films work through several methods to lower interior temperatures.  Most are spectrally selective and reject over 90% of the sun’s infrared rays.  Infrared rays are the ones that heat up your Dallas home. By blocking these rays window film keeps interiors cooler.  Also, window tinting traps cooled air inside. These two functions help Dallas homeowners save a lot in energy spending and repair costs.  

More Window Film Benefits for Dallas Homes

  • Window Film Blocks UV Rays:  Just like window film blocks infrared waves, it blocks UV rays too. UV rays are the ones that do damage to furnishing and humans inside your Dallas home.  So, while window film is lowering temperatures, it is also protecting your wood floors, upholstery, artwork, family, and friends.
  • Window Film Adds Security:  Window film also acts as an additional security barrier for your Dallas home. It will keep the glass in place even after it has been broken into small fragments. The amount of added security depends on each film individually.  However, no matter what type of film the glass will still be harder to penetrate, which dissuades intruders from continuing their attempt to break in. 
  • Window FIlm Increases Home Comfort: When infrared rays radiate through windows, it causes the areas around the windows to become hot. This creates what is called a hot spot.  When A/C is running at the same time the temperatures in your home become very uneven.  A home with hot and cold spots is not pleasant.  Window film evens out temperatures, making your Dallas home ambient temperature just right. 

For more information on window film to lower energy bills and increase the overall function of your home, contact us today.