Residential Window Film Manufacturers

At Scottish Window Tinting we work with only the best home window film products available.  All the products we use are manufactured by Solutia Performance Films, an established company in the field that produces high quality film at an affordable price.

We work with three brands of Solutia film:

  • Enerlogic Window Film: While all the films made by Solutia offer great energy efficiency, Enerlogic uses the best technology available to lower your energy bills year round, and it was one of the first products that works to save energy in the winter as well as the summer.
  • Vista Window Film: Vista film is one of the most popular choices for homeowners in Colorado.  It is one of the more affordable options for high quality film today, and it can offer you up to 60 percent savings on your energy bills.
  • Llumar Window Film: We use Llumar film as our decorative option.  If you are in an office, for example, we can use opaque decorative film to conceal a glass-walled office, a door, or any window you want to add more style to.

Why Choose our Residential Window Film Manufacturers?

At Scottish Window Tinting, we only work with window film that delivers.  Many products on the market today are applied with adhesive that peels and bubbles from prolonged sun exposure.  While these options are slightly cheaper, having home windows that look like a bubbled, old, car tinting job are terrible to look at.

Instead, invest in a film that will last and look great forever.  Solutia produces films that, when installed properly, create a molecular bond with the glass.  This means it will never bubble or peel, no matter how long you have your windows, and it is actually much more effective at saving you energy than many counterparts out there.  Our window film can pay for itself with energy savings in as little as 2 to 5 years, so it’s investment you can feel comfortable with.

Scottish Window Tinting

We work with experienced installers to make sure that your window film manufactured by Solutia looks and functions perfectly. Give us a call or send an email to learn more about our window film options, and to set up an estimate today!