Enerlogic Window Tinting Recognized for Excellence

At Scottish Window Tinting, one of our most popular and most effective products is the Enerlogic film.  We are proud to say that this is the highest quality for residential and commercial window tinting available today, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Architectural Products magazine has recognized Enerlogic with their Product Innovation Awards for the second year in a row.

Enerlogic 70 window film series won in the Solar Control and Shading/ Site-Generated Energy category for the second year, and it’s no wonder that this product is becoming more and more common as an affordable upgrade for homeowners and business owners.

What is Enerlogic Window Tinting?

If your windows are out of date, but still have solid framing without damage, window tinting is a fantastic option to keep your costs low and your energy savings high.  This process costs about one tenth of the cost of a complete window replacement, and in many cases, is even more effective than new windows.

Enerlogic is one of the newer window tint options for homeowners, and it is one of the most effective as well.  Traditionally, window film only worked to reflect heat out in the summer months, making it easier to keep your home cool, but did little during the winter.  Enerlogic actually works year-round, keeping the heat out in the summer, and in during the winter.

This can mean huge savings on your heating and cooling bills each month, especially if your current windows have untreated glass.  Because of the low initial investment, window tinting can actually pay for itself in as little as 2 to 5 years, and then continues to save you money for many years to come.  That’s an investment that any homeowner can feel good about.

Enerlogic, and all the products we work with at Scottish, are high quality.  Some of our competitors offer tinting products that are adhesive based, which will eventually bubble and peel away from the glass, much like some auto films do.  Our products, however, actually create a permanent bond with your windows, which means you’ll never have to worry about peeling, bubbling, or lowered performance.  Your film will last as long as your windows.

Enerlogic Window Tinting with Scottish

If you would like to learn more about this award-winning, fantastically functional product, give us a call or send an email today.  We’ll set you up with one of our experts to provide you with an in-home consultation for Enerlogic window tinting, and help you start saving energy today!


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