Denver Window Tinting for Winter

Winter is coming around the corner and with it comes higher energy costs to keep your home warm through the season.  Traditionally window film was only effective at keeping the heat out during summer months, but today window films have been developed that actually provide huge energy savings in the winter as well.

You might think you need to completely replace your windows to truly save the most energy, but in many cases that’s not true.  If the framing on your windows is still structurally sound, window film often actually performs better and is considerably more affordable than replacement windows.

How does Denver Window Tinting Help in the Winter?

Window tinting for your home works to keep your energy costs low.  So low, in fact, that your film can pay for itself in as little as 2 to 5 years and continue to save you money thereafter.  This process makes it easier for you to keep your living space more comfortable.

Window tinting works to reflect heat instead of absorbing it, like untreated glass does.  Normal glass allows a high percentage of heat energy to pass through which allows heat in during warmer months, and allows heat out during the winter.  While many films used to function only during the summer, manufacturers have now developed films that reflect heat energy both ways.

What this means for Denver homeowner is that your heating units will work less to keep your home warm.  When heat comes through the vents in your home, instead of slipping through the windows, it will actually reflect off of the windows and stay inside.  This translates to less energy needed to heat your home, and lower energy bills each month.

The best part about window film is the cost.  It is only a fraction of the price of replacement windows, though it provides, in many cases, even better energy efficiency.  The average homeowner spends about $1,100 to add window film, and you’ll see the savings begin to add up immediately.

Scottish Window Tinting in Denver

Our extreme winter weather can take a toll on your wallet, but window film can drastically lighten the load.  Contact us for more information about window film or to set up a consultation with one of our experts today.  We can’t wait to help you start saving money on your energy bills today!

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