The Denver Solar Eclipse: An Analogy for Understanding the Effects of Window Tinting

The Denver Solar Eclipse: An Analogy for Understanding the Effects of Window Tinting

The Great American Eclipse was all that anyone in Denver could talk about for days. Colorado was expected to have 92% visibility of the eclipse. As the moon crossed the sun, it was expected that day would suddenly plunge into night as the sky became entirely dark except for a fine halo of the sun. But when the eclipse arrived, many were surprised at the actual events that transpired. For those of us at Scottish Window Tinting, the eclipse reminded us quite a bit of the effects of window film here in Denver.

What Actually Happened on Eclipse Day

If you were in Denver on the day of August 21st, 2017, you likely were standing outside at 10:30 am with your highly revered, hard-to-come-by, solar eclipse glasses, expecting to witness something spectacular. The eclipse was, after all, a once in a lifetime event and therefore was something not to be missed out on. But if you were like us, you were probably slightly disappointed with the actual events that transpired.

Instead of being plunged into darkness, the sky became a slightly gray, hazy color. Since the eclipse was only partially visible in Denver, it didn’t produce quite the extravaganza that many of us expected. But for owner of Scottish Window Tinting, Martin Faith, the event was a reminder of the effects of window film on one’s home.

How Was the Eclipse Like Window Film?

You see, much like the eclipse, many people expect window film to produce a different effect than it actually does. Many of our clients are concerned that window film will completely black out their home and make it unpleasantly dark inside. But like the eclipse where it was still pretty light out, window film actually doesn’t change the brightness inside your home.

Window film is spectrally selective, meaning that it only blocks out certain frequencies of light. While uv rays and infrared heat are thwarted, visible light passes freely through the film. This effect allows your home to stay bright and sunny while providing you all the great benefits that window film offers like energy savings and uv protection.

Learn More About Home Window Tinting in Denver

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