Window Film is a Great Addition to Public Spaces

Window Tinting Save on Energy

While we often discuss the benefits of adding window film to offices, hotels, retail spaces, and even homes, it can actually be extremely beneficial in public areas as well, even though people may only be spending a few hours within these areas.

Consider libraries, airports, museums, or neighborhood recreation centers.  These areas, like businesses or homes, need to be kept at reasonable temperatures year-round, while still keeping costs low, which is where window tinting can make a huge difference.  Saving energy isn’t the only benefit you can get from window film, and these spaces can be changed for the better.

Window Film Benefits for Public Areas

While visitors may spend less than entire days in these public spaces, the short periods of time they do spend can be heavily affected by poorly insulated windows with untreated glass.  In large spaces such as airports and libraries, it can cost a small fortune to heat and cool the facility with regular glass. Energy savings is only one of many benefits of installing window tinting:

  • Energy Savings: This is one of the most popular reasons that commercial space owners choose to invest in window film.  You can save up to 60 percent on energy bills by installing window film, and the less work your heating and cooling units do to keep your facility comfortable, the longer they will last.
  • Anti-Glare: Especially in public areas where visitors frequently use mobile devices, glare can become a huge problem.  Spending time on laptops, tablets, and cell phones, whether for business or simple to pass the time, is something that many people do while waiting for flights, or in any public space really.  Making it easier to see these devices can truly improve the comfort level of those spending time within your facility, as well as those working there. 
  • UV Ray Protection: Having large windows in public spaces is great for utilizing natural light, but not so great for sun damage.  Untreated glass only blocks around 11 percent of damaging UV rays, allowing the sun to fade your walls, floors, and the items within your facility.  Adding window film will actually block 99 percent of UV rays, making sun damage nearly impossible, and preserving your public space. 
  • Privacy: Consider adding window film to increase the privacy of your facility along with the other helpful benefits it provides.  Choosing film that is slightly shaded will make it very difficult to see inside of your building, or if privacy is a top priority, choose tinting products especially made to block vision from the outside.

Commercial Space Window Film with Scottish

Scottish Window Tinting offers a wide selection of film options to improve your public space drastically.  Feel free to give us a call or send an email if you have any questions about adding window film to your facility, or to set up a consultation with one of our experts.