Elevator graffiti is incredibly expensive to remove but could cause your commercial space to lose business if left on--Metal Shield changes all that.

Elevator Graffiti Removal That is 10 x Less Expensive With Metal Shield

Elevator Graffiti Removal That is 10 x Less Expensive With Metal Shield

Elevator Graffiti Protection And Removal In Austin

Graffiti causes big problems here in Austin and many other cities in the US as well. Even though Austin is a very safe and clean city, as the population continues to climb here graffiti strikes do too. One of the most popular places for vandals to put paint, scratch or acid graffiti is in elevators. Elevators make an easy target because they are so closed off and very difficult to monitor; a vandal can do a lot of damage quickly and get out fast. Add to that the incredibly high cost of repair on damaged elevator panels and you have a very expensive, hard to prevent problem. However, here at Scottish, we have a solution to elevator graffiti for commercial properties called Metal Shield.

What Is Metal Shield?

Metal Shield is a 6MM thick metal film which is installed on top of existing metal panels in elevators. It acts as a sacrificial layer, both protecting from future graffiti attacks and obscuring existing elevator graffiti. It comes in a few different finishes to match most elevator panels Metal Shield is 10x less expensive than traditional elevator graffiti removal which involves removing and replacing panels or sanding off the damage. It also saves huge amounts time also–a few hours of repairs, not days or weeks.

How Does Metal Shield Help Restore My Elevator After Graffiti?

Metal Shield can be applied before or after your elevator gets defaced. But, if you have us apply it before vandals strike it means the original surfaces of your elevator stay protected indefinitely. Graffiti Shield can also be applied over existing graffiti though, meaning–no sanding, no loud noise, and your elevator is back up and running in a few hours. The best part about Metal Shield is, should vandalism occur again, the film is simply removed and replaced, still at the same low cost.

For more information on this amazing film technology, watch the video below for more information on how you can save yourself thousands on elevator graffiti restoration/repair.

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