A way to make airports in San Antonio more comfortable and cool is by having 3M Prestige Series Window installed on the copious glass windows.

Help Control Temperature inside San Antonio Airports with Window Film

Help Control Temperature inside San Antonio Airports with Window Film

San Antonio is such a wonderful place to live. We have all the amenities of a big city with a small-town feel.  Plus we have plenty of outdoor and indoor activities year-round. In the winter it gets a little chilly here but we get plenty of sun too.  However, that sun can almost too much! That’s right, there is some truth to everything be bigger here in Texas and the amount of sunshine we get is no exception. It is relentless and can have some pretty negative consequences for commercial spaces here. In particular, airports here and across the state suffer from the heat of the San Antonio sun.  Since airports tend to have a lot of windows, on all four sides, the heat of the sun gets intense. This sends temperatures soring inside airports and makes them uncomfortable: for passengers, crew, and vendors.  

The Solution To Climate Control in San Antonio Airports

To solve the issue of high and uneven temperatures in airports a strong solution is having window film applied.  3M Prestige Series window film specifically works wonders on lowering interior temperatures for three main reasons.  


  1. 3M™ Prestige Series Films Curb Excessive Heat: This film uses non-metalized, multilayer optical film, and the latest in nanotechnology.  So 3M Prestige Series films will reject up to 97%* of the sun’s heat-producing infrared light. Meaning, San Antonio airports stay cooler, even under the all-encompassing heat of the San Antonio sun.
  2. 3M Prestige Series Films Add Insulation: You may associate insulation with keeping heat in not out.  But, with window film, this is not the case. While 3M prestige films do keep heat out, they do much more too.  They work as insulation trapping cool air inside. The results are the temperatures in San Antonio airports remaining more consistent and comfortable.  
  3. 3M™ Prestige Series Films Even Out Temperatures:  Using precision filtering, 3M window Prestige Series window film is able to exert more control over light waves than other films.   As light and heat pass through these high-performance films it is filtered by wave type and adjust according to the position of the sun.  So, when the angle of the sun changes, the rate by which Prestige Window Films filters the incoming light does too. This means this type of film works hardest when airport windows need them to the most. 

With such cutting-edge performance, 3M Prestige Series films are the best way for San Antonio Airports and other commercial structures to improve interior comfort with the added bonus of saving money.  Contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today to learn more about climate control window films for any commercial space you may have!


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