Building Codes for California Include Window Film

The California Energy Commission recently voted to add window film to the building code for the state. California is the first state to adopt this fantastic, energy saving product into their building code, and many are hoping other states will follow suit. Window film is set to enter the building code in 2014, with a required certification label from the National Fenestration Rating Council.

The decision to include window films in the building codes for California has come after many studies showing the widely beneficial properties of window film in home and commercial buildings. A state-wide analysis found that when window film is used on single pane windows, this product provides the highest energy savings available.

Because of this, energy saving window film is becoming a popular investment for homeowners, and they want to make sure that each film product is installed correctly and effectively to provide the best energy savings possible.

This new code will require a few different things for window film. Each film will have a label displaying its U-factor, which is the overall heat transfer, solar heat gain coefficient, meaning the amount of solar radiation allowed through a window, and visual transmittance, the amount of light showing through. The new building code also requires a 10 year warranty for all window film, giving buyers peace of mind when they purchase this product.

Window film is becoming more and more popular because of the great energy savings it can bring to homeowners. With the newer technology in window film, you can actually reap these benefits year-round instead of just in the summer months.

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