When you buy window film for your home or business choosing the cheapest film is not the best option because you don't get the performance or warranty to get the proper ROI.

Five Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Window Film

Five Reasons Not to Buy Cheap Window Film

Homes in Austin here are expensive. They also cost a lot to keep up. Therefore, it makes sense that homeowners here are always looking for ways to cut expenses. One good way to do this is window tinting. But, what you don’t want to do is cut corners on is the quality of your film. When it comes to window film–going cheaper is not a great idea. Especially because–if you just spend a few more dollars per square foot you can get incredibly effective film–solving just about any issue you are having on the windows of your Austin home.

Issues with Cheap Window Film

  1. Cheap window film probably won’t block all the sun’s rays. The light spectrum is made up of various types of radiation rays. Some are harmful–others are not. Cheap films may only block about 70% of rays while premium films block 99.9%.
  2. Cheap window doesn’t look very good. The tints tend to be too dark or metallic looking. So by opting for a cheaper window film you will end up both blocking out the views of your lovely Austin neighborhood and sacrificing style.
  3. Cheap window films typically don’t have very good warranties–if at all. When you chose a more premium window film you get better protection against malfunction and break down. If you use a brand certified window film installer will likely have a work guarantee too.
  4. .Cheap window films will bubble and peel quickly when exposed to intense sun. More expensive films, applied by a true professional–should never have this issue. If it does it will be covered by stellar warranties.   
  5. Cheap window film doesn’t really come in many stylish colors, finishes, and transmissivity. This limits your home or commercial style to ugly or cookie-cutter looking films. Since your choices are limited you may be wasting your money buying something you don’t even like. This is especially true of decorative window film. Choosing a more expensive film means getting exactly the aesthetic you are looking for 

With so many affordable window film options available for your Austin home–there really is no reason to cut corners and buy cheap film. We typically don’t carry films at this lower price point for this very reason. Contact us to start a conversation on window film price points for your home today.