Window Tinting Versus Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

If you’re dismayed by your home or office’s rising heating and cooling bills, you might have already looked into replacement windows with a higher energy efficiency. Poorly performing, older windows can lead to heat loss in the winter, and ordinary glass allows a tremendous amount of heat gain in the summer. But perhaps the cost of replacement windows is even more dismaying and out of budget than your energy bills.

Where does that leave you? You’re tired of your kids complaining they are freezing in the winter. You’re tired of running up huge bills trying to stay cool in the summer. You want to make improvements to your home. You want to save energy, save money, and help your home to be more comfortable.

The installation of window film is the cost conscious alternative. It provides a terrific, permanent solution at a mere fraction of the cost of replacement windows. You can have window films installed for somewhere between $6 to $15 per square foot. Now, hold onto your hats. This amount is only five to ten percent of the cost of window replacements! Now, that’s a pretty dramatic difference, wouldn’t you agree?

Because of the low cost and dramatic energy savings (currently, our clients are reporting saving as much as 50 to 60 percent on their heating and cooling costs), window films are the home improvement investment that keeps on giving. Once your initial investment is paid off, usually in less than five years, the savings are all yours!

Here are some of the main reasons people choose replacement windows:

Many homeowners across the Front Range are getting Low E windows. This stands for low emissivity, meaning that very little heat energy is absorbed by that surface, and that most of the heat will be reflected away. Low E is becoming the standard for new windows because of its energy efficiency. Glass allows heat to pass through it in both directions. This is an energy wasting disadvantage in both the summer and the winter.

In the summer, the heat of the sun will enter through your windows and heat up your home. In the winter, the heat from your furnace will exit through your windows and leave your home cold and your furnace on overdrive. But what many people don’t realize is that Low E windows do not contain a different kind of glass—they are simply regular glass treated with a thin coating that reflects heat away from the window.

You can change your existing windows into Low E windows with the application of window films. So simple, yet so effective!

Learn more about window films in this FAQ.

There’s another benefit to window film over replacement windows, which is the speed and ease of installation. Your existing windows do not have to be removed; most windows can be “filmed” in less than fifteen minutes with no mess or disruption to work around.

So why go through the expense and bother of replacing your windows for energy efficiency when you can achieve the same results faster and cheaper with our high quality, high performance window films?