Window Tinting the Energy Saving Home Improvement Option that Keeps on Giving

Window Films Are Pro-Active, Affordable and Energy-Saving Home Improvements

Since we are in the business of window tinting, we are always amazed at how many people we still run across who either haven’t heard of it at all, or who have a lot of misconceptions about it being similar to the window tints applied to your car. Window films are one of the most pro-active and affordable things you can do as an energy-saving home improvement.

When it comes to saving money on energy costs, we’d all like to do it, but there aren’t many options that won’t cost big bucks up front. We want to be green, to reduce our carbon footprint, to be environmentally concerned, and to be more comfortable in our own homes. Which is more problematic, the immediate up front cost of replacement windows, or doing nothing and dealing with high heating and cooling bills year round, year after year, decade after decade. All while energy prices continue to rise.

One of the first places people look for energy saving home improvements is to their windows. If your windows are single pane, regular glass, then you don’t need us to tell you how the frigid winter air seeps right in through the glass in the winter months. To compensate, to keep your home warm and comfortable, you’ve looking at a whale of a heating bill. In hotter weather, you also don’t need us to tell you that the sun bakes on through and heats up your house, frequently beyond all tolerance. And then, of course, you’re looking at a high cooling bill that might make your blood pressure skyrocket along with the outside temperatures.

When it comes to saving energy via your windows, you have two basic options. You can install energy efficient windows with Low E treated glass—a fairly expensive proposition with a high outlay up front, but one that will definitely pay for itself over a period of several years. But, that’s assuming you can afford the financial investment in the first place.

Another option is to install energy efficient window film. And since we are Scottish Window Tinting, you won’t be surprised when we sing the praises of this much more affordable and equally effective option.

Here’s why we are so hot on window tinting/window films:

Window films form a molecular bond with the glass, resisting scratching, bubbling, or peeling.

Window films will enhance the optical quality of your glass, making a beautiful view clearer and more beautiful, while only darkening the glass to the degree you desire.

Window films cut glare and UV rays, saving your eyes from strain.

Window films cut the sun’s heat gain in summer by a whopping 79%, keeping your house so much cooler that many of our clients have reported rarely needing their air conditioners again.

Window films prevent heat loss through the glass in winter, saving you up to 50% on heating bills!

Window films pay back their modest initial investment quickly, but the savings you’ll receive will keep on coming season after season.

If you’d like to talk to use about having energy saving window films installed in your home or office, please give us a call for a free estimate.