Window film is a fantastic product that is available for a wide variety of applications. Check out the different options of window film products we offer.

Window film for any application

Window film for any application

Window film is a fantastic product that is available for a wide variety of applications. In fact, while most of our clients have seen or heard of many of the types of window films we offer, they are unaware that others even exist. With window film, Denver homes and commercial buildings can do the following:

1. Save money on heating and cooling costs over the years, with energy efficiency window film. This passive product is applied to the inside of your windows, where it blocks heat gain in the summer and heat loss all winter. The results are less need for air conditioning or furnace output, saving you big bucks. Some of our energy saving window film clients report saving up to fifty percent on heating and cooling bills.

2. Cut glare, and the sun’s damaging UV rays that cause furnishings to fade and look worn and shabby over time. With this type of glare reduction window film, Denver businesses can also save significant money. Cutting glare has been found to enhance worker productivity, particularly for those working on computer monitors. Glare causes headaches and eye strain, not to mention annoyance when you cannot see your screen, tablet, or phone. And if there are no UV rays to fade out your furnishings and flooring and artwork, they will require much less frequent replacing, also saving money over time.


window tint utah 3. Add security to your windows, with security or loss prevention window film. This product contains a heavy duty polyester mesh, nearly imperceptible to the eye, but able to thwart anyone trying to smash your windows, or the neighbors’ kids’ stray softballs! The glass will remain safely in the frame, leaving no mess to sweep up and no tiny shards of glass hiding all over the place, no matter how carefully you do sweep. With this type of window film, Denver residents can add another layer of security to a previously weak area: their windows.

4. Have more privacy in your home or office space. With this type of window film, Denver privacy lovers can choose from different styles, including films that create the look of mirrored glass (on the exterior), films that look like frosted or etched glass, and many others. Have your privacy but still let in the light with our privacy window films.

decorative window film dallas5. Add a style upgrade, instantly, with decorative window films. These come in an even bigger selection that our privacy films. Colors, patterns, different degrees of opacity. With a decorative window film, Denver shop owners, restaurant owners, office owners, can all change the look of their décor for an affordable cost.

We also provide anti-graffiti window films and even a bomb-blast film. For more information about window film, Denver and across the state, please contact us today.