With the installation of hotel window film, you can add even more privacy to ground floor rooms, offices, meeting rooms, and where more privacy is wanted.

Window film for added privacy

Window film for added privacy

If you own or manage a hotel, motel, resort, or bed and breakfast, we don’t have to tell you that your guests value their privacy. That’s why most rooms come with the familiar Do Not Disturb sign to hand on the room’s door. With the installation of hotel window film, you can add even more privacy to ground floor rooms, offices, meeting rooms, and anywhere else more privacy is wanted.

What is hotel window film? This is a high-performance commercial product that can provide hotel owners with a wide variety of benefits, of which enhanced privacy is only one. Different types of hotel window films can save money on heating and air conditioning costs (energy efficiency window film), add style and color (decorative window film), or make your windows impervious to break ins (security window film).

hotel window film dallasOne commercial client had a hotel consisting of several different buildings. But guests complained that they had to keep their curtains closed all the time, even when they didn’t want to, because they felt people in the adjacent building could see into their rooms. For this hotelier, hotel window film of the privacy variety was the perfect solution. He chose the kind with the mirrored finish, which gave his guests the privacy they wanted on the inside, and gave his hotel a modern, chic and sophisticated appearance from the outside.

If your hotel has a lot of conference rooms or meeting rooms, adding privacy window film to the glass doors will provide privacy while still letting light through.

Another hotel client had a huge lobby. They build a variety of shops and offices off the lobby, for guests to shop, get a haircut, have a massage, etc. But because they didn’t want to close in the airy feeling of the space, they built them with glass walls. Perfect, they thought, because guests walking through the lobby could see the merchandise in the shops and be tempted. However, the person who rented one of these spaces for a nail and hair salon was not thrilled and neither were her customers.

Hotel window film dallasThis problem was nicely solved at a very affordable cost with the installation of privacy hotel window film that had the appearance of expensive etched glass. In this particular case, etched with the name and logo of the salon.

If you have any areas in your hotel or other hospitality establishment that need more privacy, perhaps hotel window film is the perfect and affordable solution? Why not give us a call with any questions or to find out about our full line of decorative and privacy hotel window films?

Mike Kinsey

For the past fifteen years, Mike Kinsey has been consulting on window tinting projects all across the United States. As the Operations Manager at Scottish Window Tinting, Mike strives to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied and personally oversees all projects from start to finish. His extensive background in project management and construction gives him unique perspective and insight which he brings to every job. Mike has sold and installed over 250,000 sq. ft. of window film and is an expert on all brands. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.

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