With restaurant window film, Colorado restaurant owners can add privacy and an exclusive feel to one or more rooms of the eater.

Window film for a better atmosphere

Window film for a better atmosphere

Why might a restaurant, bar, pub, café, or other eatery want restaurant window film? We can think of a lot of reasons (and so can our many restaurant clients)!

With restaurant window film, Colorado restaurant owners can add privacy and an exclusive feel to one or more rooms of the eater. They can add style and unique interest to any glass surface. They can block glare and the sun’s UV rays that cause eye strain and fading furnishings. They can even save money on energy costs while making their eateries more comfortable at the same time. Oh, and they can use their front windows to advertise and bring in street window film kansas

It’s all dependent upon the type of restaurant window film that any restaurant owner or manager chooses to install. Let’s look at the main types of restaurant window films and their varying benefits.

1. Privacy restaurant window film: with this product, restaurants can add privacy which gives the interior a more exclusive, high end feel. If you’d like your patrons to be able to see out, but no passersby to see in, you might choose a film with a mirrored finish on the outside, kind of like mirrored sunglasses. If you want privacy on both sides, for instance if you have a chic restaurant with unfortunate views of a not to attractive parking lot, you might want a frosted window film or one that looks like etched or patterned glass.

2. If you want to bump up your restaurant’s décor without a big expenditure, decorative window film could be the way to go. These unique films can look like colored glass, patterned glass, painted glass, and many more. And with this type of decorative restaurant window film, a custom message can be added to it. You could announce new hours, now open for lunch, or the fact that you’ve snagged a trendy and up and coming new chef. And it’s not just for your front windows, either. This kind of decorative restaurant window film can be added to any glass surface, interior or exterior, such as a glass partition, glass door, or glass wall.

3. Block the kind of harsh glare that has customers asking for a different table with glare reduction window film. This product lets your patrons and guests dine in comfort, able to see their laptop, tablet or phone screens without squinting or having to pull down the shades.

restaurant window film denverHere at Scottish Window Tinting, we offer a full line of high performance restaurant window films that can change the look and feel of your eatery (or drinkery). Please contact us today with any questions or to get a quote for a window film job.

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