Want More Privacy in Your Own Home? Try Privacy Residential Window Tinting

Privacy has become an increasing concern for many people. With reports of government agencies snooping and identitiy theft online, we at least would like to have some privacy in our own homes. And yet, in many cases we can’t seem to get it without blocking the rest of the world out—including the sun!

Consider this scenario: You’ve just moved into your new house, townhome, condo, or apartment when you realize . . . your windows are a tad too close to your neighbors’ for comfort. You like them, but you really don’t want to see into their living room, bedrooms, or heaven forbid—their bathrooms! And you certainly don’t want them seeing into yours.

What do you do? Perhaps one of the things that attracted you to this particular home was the amount of light it receives. “Light and airy” has always been a major selling point for homes.

And what if you’d like to be able to see who’s at your front door through your sidelights, but not allow them to see into your home? Or if you are frequently away and don’t want anyone to be able to look through your windows and determine that no one’s at home?

What if you have a ground floor apartment on a busy city street, and people are always walking by and looking right into your home?

How can you get the privacy you need without sacrificing that beautiful, mood-enhancing, space-enlarging sunlight? You could hang up paper shades or sheer fabric curtains, but they will still block at least some of the light and your view (if you have a view other than your neighbor’s home). And many people with modern style homes really just love to be able to see out of their big modern windows with nothing blocking them.

Residential privacy window tint to the rescue! This is a fantastic and cost effective option that will enhance your privacy while still letting the sun shine through.

We’ve got several different suggestions for you. For that bathroom window, how about window films that give the appearance of frosted glass—without having to replace any glass at all? Scottish Window Tinting also offers window films which mimic the look of etched or patterned glass as well, giving the window a pretty decorative look.

For your sidelights next to the front door, we offer residential privacy window film which creates a molecular bond to your window and allows you to see out—while blocking anyone else from seeing in.

Sound good? Privacy window films are gaining in popularity because they are affordable, easy to install, and provide a practical fix to one of the biggest problems of modern living. And along with added privacy, many of our privacy films will cut down on heat gain in the summer, heat loss in the winter, and save you money on your energy bills.

Greater privacy and energy savings in one fell swoop! Why not contact us today to receive a free bid?