Spring Temperatures Are on the Rise, Window Tinting Can Lower Your Cooling Bills

We are so ready for spring! Crocuses, green budding trees, longer days and shorter nights. Of course, with the advent of warmer weather, we start thinking about turning on our air conditioners to stay as comfortable as possible. But the sky-high electric bill that arrives as a result might not be comfortable at all.

No need to sweat it!

Why not join the thousands of Denver and Front Range area homeowners who are using window film as an environmentally friendly, cutting edge way to substantially lower energy costs? And when we say substantially, we’re not kidding. For Colorado homes, we recommend Vista Window Films, which can block up to 79% of the heat in your home caused by the sun coming through the glass. Sure, you can close your curtains, blinds, or shades, but is that really what you want?

If you have a view, you certainly don’t want to block it out. And even if you only have a view of your own back yard or your neighbors swing set, it’s still so nice to have natural light shining in a home. But with that natural light comes a lot of unwanted heat. Imagine your home, imagine your energy bills with 79% less heat gain all summer long!

Would a savings of up to 50 or even 60% in cooling costs appeal to you, your budget, and your bank account? We go into the window tint business because of the extraordinary experience owner Martin Faith had with installing window tints in his own home. Take a look here.

We hear it over and over from our customers—their energy bills are reduced, their home is more comfortable, they are turning off their air conditioners entirely, and their environmental footprint is reduced. With window films from Scottish Window Tinting, there is no downside!

The average home owner makes back their window film costs within 3-4 years.

But what about the darkening factor, you might be thinking. The window films we use are dramatically different from the window tints in a car that make the windows dark. The residential window films we use can be almost imperceptible to the human eye; we guarantee they will let in all that delightful Colorado sunshine that you love (unless of course, you want a darker tint).

How does it work? Simple!

Call or email us for a FREE estimate. Once you decide to proceed, one of our specially trained installers will come to your home and do the work. It only takes minutes per window, leaves none of the mess we’ve come to associate with any kind of home improvement and won’t disrupt your life in any way.