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A fast and inexpensive way to turn your building's windows into tempered glass to adhere to codes is by installing security window film.

How Security Film Can Bring Austin Properties Up to Code

How Security Film Can Bring Austin Properties Up to Code

Whether you are remodeling an Austin property or building a new one from the ground up, one of the main considerations you need to worry about is building codes. These rules that govern how buildings function are critical to the safety of everyone from the tenants, to the customers, to the homeowners (in residential situations). Making sure you follow these codes is not only a safety issue I could also save you from problems of litigation should someone on your property get hurt. one such regulation has to do with glass. When glass shatters it can cause Grievous injury to those around. However, bringing glass features up to code is expensive and time-consuming. A workaround for this is window film.

Window Film Brings Plate Glass Windows Up to Code

One of the most dangerous features and most buildings and homes are large glass windows. In modern buildings, all large plate glass windows are made of safety glass. However, in older buildings play class was used. The issue with plate glass is it breaks into large sharks that can hurt those that just happened to be around. Removing these large old windows can be very expensive as can be installing a new one in its place. A better solution is to have safety window film applied to the existing play glass window. It not only brings the window up to code but it’s significantly less and cost installing a new window. 

Window Film Brings Glass In Areas Near Water Up To Code

Any glass that is near or around a water feature (pools, showers) needs to be made of tempered glass. However, in older buildings these windows rarely have it. This means if you are renovating a property or building a new one you must adhere to the building codes and make sure these glass features are safe. Tempered glass can be expensive and retrofitting a window with tempered glass is also costly. This is why security window film which turns any type of glass into a form of tempered glass is so useful. Not only does it require much less work to install but also is much more cost-effective.

When building or renovating properties, new and old, they will benefit greatly from safety window film. Not only will it keep those inside the property safer but will also allow you to more easily and cost-effectively it here to the building codes in the Austin area. For a free safety consultation contact us at Scottish window tinting in Austin today!

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