Benefits of Installing Window Film Safety Distraction Marks in San Antonio Hospitals

Benefits of Installing Window Film Safety Distraction Marks in San Antonio Hospitals

Glass walls are a common feature in many hospitals today. We’ve transitioned away from old design methods of closing off rooms and creating small, private spaces in exchange for wide, open areas that foster community and provide access to light and the outdoors. In many ways, these new types of buildings feel much more comfortable to us, and they give patients access to the sunlight that helps them recover physically and mentally.

But the only issue with all this glass is that it’s become a safety concern. Today, people are inseparable from their electronic devices. We spend more time paying attention to our screens than where we’re going. If someone bumps into a glass wall, they could walk away with nothing more than a bruised ego or something as serious as a concussion.

By installing window film safety distraction marks, San Antonio hospitals can create a safer space for staff and patients and reduce the likelihood of these types of accidents.

Why Distraction Is a Serious Issue in Hospitals

Hospitals are busy places. Doctors and nurses are running around, trying to attend to their patients as quickly as possible. Hallways are flooded with distressed family members. People on the phone texting or answering emails are distracted and unlikely to notice what’s in front of them at all types. This can lead to a whole range of issues, including glass collisions that can result in bruises, head injuries, and even broken bones.

How Window Film Safety Distraction Markers Can Help

Window film safety distraction markers are a special type of adhesive laminate that’s applied to interior glass walls, room dividers, and doors. Their whole purpose is to reduce accidents by making glass easier to see.

A small pattern or reflective line runs horizontally across the window. It’s subtle, but it’s enough for people notice. Distracted walkers notice them out of the corner of their eye, so they know that they either need to slow down, open a door, or walk the other way. The result is a much safer environment for everyone.

Distraction safety markers are a great way for San Antonio hospitals to improve safety without altering aesthetics. This keeps hospitals from being held liable for onsite injuries. It’s a situation in which everyone wins.

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