Window Film Health Benefits

As this article states, it’s not often that we in the window film industry have the opportunity to drastically improve the quality of life for someone in our community. We applaud Mr. Glowe & Evening Shade Inc. for their support of the community. If you know of anyone in the Denver or Colorado communities who is in need and might experience a big improvement in their health or well being after the installation of window film in their home, please contact Scottish Stained Glass today.

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While the health benefits of window film for most individuals might not be as drastic as described in this article, window film can help reduce the harsh UV radiation that may impact those who spend lots of time exposed to the sun even through windows. Do you or a family member spend lots of time cuddled up with a book in a sunny window? Consider installing window film on these windows to reduce your summer air conditioning costs, protect your floors and furniture from fading, as well as improve your skin’s health.

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