Understanding the Importance of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Salt Lake City Stadiums and Concert Venues

Understanding the Importance of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Salt Lake City Stadiums and Concert Venues

Navigating a large special event like a concert or major sports game can be challenging. Not only do you have to go through the hassle and complication of planning and marketing the event, but you also have to handle sensitive security issues. Safety is a concern for any event that draws a large crowd. And concerts and sports events are known for being messy and chaotic. If someone gets injured during an event held at your building, you could be held liable. By installing ballistic resistant window film for your Salt Lake City stadium or concert venue, you can help keep your staff and patrons safe and protect your business.

Keep Patrons Safe During an Attack

When terrorists attack, they’re not only looking to do damage, they’re also trying to make a statement. That’s why shooters and bombers almost always target areas where the public gathers in large numbers like schools, airports, and event venues.

Hiring security staff, using metal detecting equipment, and installing cameras are all great ways to make your building more secure. But when these methods fail, you need a backup plan in place. Ballistic resistant window film can help keep your patrons and staff safe in the event of a shooting or violent attack.

Ballistic resistant window film makes glass bullet resistant by making it stronger and shatter resistant. A special primer is applied to fill in the natural imperfections in glass that make it fragile. Then, a super durable film helps make the glass more flexible so it can withstand impact. It’s perfect for stadium entrances, windows, skylights, and more.

Prevent Theft & Vandalism

Installing ballistic resistant window film can benefit your Salt Lake City stadium in more ways than one. Safety window films can also help protect your building from break-ins and vandalism. When bathrooms or walls are vandalized, the film works sacrificially to take the brunt of the damage, protecting the area underneath. Peel off the film and the damage disappears. Burglary attempts are also thwarted by safety film. Safety window films create a rip-resistant barricade that stops intruders in their tracks, preventing them from getting inside and stealing precious funds and equipment.

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