Safety and Security window film is a powerful deterrent against crimes of theft and burglary for businesses here in Colorado Springs.

Best Place to Have Theft Prevention Window Film Installed

Best Place to Have Theft Prevention Window Film Installed

Colorado Springs is a great place to raise a family and own a company. While Colorado Springs is quite secure, it has its fair share of theft-related offenses. These sorts of criminal acts are typically crimes of opportunity. That means perpetrators wish to get in and out as quickly as possible. This is why security window films are so effective against breaking-and-entering assaults. Security films can be used on any sort of glass surface and most other flat surfaces. Learn about some of the most valuable locations for them below.

Theft Prevention Films for Display Cases

If you have glass display cases, you run the danger of having your items stolen. Security window films change any glass into tempered glass, making them an excellent method to keep people from breaking your display cases and stealing your merchandise. Even though the glass will break with a few strikes, it will take many repeated blows for a thief to smash through the glass and grab your valuables.

Theft Prevention Films for Business Front Windows

When individuals attempt to force their way into your Colorado Springs business, many are even brave enough to break out the front windows to do so. However, this is only a successful crime method if you can get in and out lightning-fast. Security window film stays adhered to broken glass, preventing it from giving way easily. A potential robber will have to use blow after blow and will even have to pry out of sheets of glass to gain entry. In most situations, the thief will look for an easier target rather than stick around and risk getting caught.

Theft Prevention Films for Back Doors with Glass Windows

Back doors on Colorado Springs commercial premises generally have glass windows. Also, rear doors are usually hidden in obscure locations, making them a popular target for burglars. Security window film is a simple and affordable option that can significantly enhance the protection of glass features in alleys and low-trafficked side streets. It prevents crimes of opportunity, like breaking-and-entering, by making it harder to get through the glass after it is broken. When applied with high-tech C-Bond 2 adhesive, security film is even more effective. This combination keeps broken glass held tightly together even after being hit with a brick or hammer.

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