Innovative Security Window Film Solutions for your Kansas City Home

Innovative Security Window Film Solutions for your Kansas City Home

Unfortunately, criminals have a way of striking when you least expect it, and the most vulnerable part of your home isn’t your door—it’s your windows. Even the strongest locks won’t keep thieves and vandals from breaking the glass. The easiest option is to install security window film on your Kansas City home. Here are a few of the best and most innovative types of security films you’ll need to choose from.

Clear Safety and Security Films

If you love the way your windows look and don’t want to change the appearance of the glass or the amount of natural light you get indoors, clear safety and security film is your best choice. These films are almost invisible once installed and strengthen the glass itself. If anyone tries to break in, the film will make the glass harder to break. Even if it cracks or shatters, the security window film will hold the glass in place, making it hard for thieves to get inside.

Solar Safety Films

If you’re looking to block glare and lower your home’s electric bills every month while also boosting your home’s security, solar safety films are a great option. These films are lightly tinted to block glare and keep the sun from influencing the temperatures inside your house. Like clear safety window film installed on your Kansas City home, these films will make glass harder to break.

Impact or Blast-Resistant Films

If you want the most impact-resistant films on the market, look for blast-resistant films. These are designed to withstand minor explosions or high-impact collisions with ease. Keep in mind that they will cost more than standard safety films.


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Protect Your Home the Smart Way

Installing security window film on your Kansas City property is a simple way to keep your home safer. Schedule a free estimate with our installation team today.


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