How Security Window Film Can Guard Denver Hospitals & Doctors Offices

How Security Window Film Can Guard Denver Hospitals & Doctors Offices

The coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, has made its way across the globe and is now causing concern in many U.S. cities. The Mile High City has already caught a glimpse of the havoc that the coronavirus can wreak. The last few weeks have seen an enormous increase in the number of cases.

But experts say the greatest risk is yet to come. If the virus spreads and too many people become sick, we could see the collapse of our healthcare system. Experts are saying that maintaining our supply of PPE (personal protective equipment) in hospitals is crucial. But people are panicking and, as a result, have started stealing large numbers of masks, gloves, and supplies from hospitals.

Can security window film for Denver hospitals prevent the theft of crucial medical supplies? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Security Window Film?

Security window film is a type of adhesive film that’s applied to glass to prevent breakage. The film is usually clear or has a slight tint for added solar control benefits. Common reasons for installing security film include theft prevention and accident mitigation. The flexible, stretchy nature of the film gives it the ability to capture broken glass and keep it in place. So even if the glass area breaks, the film stays in place, preventing entry.

How Can Security Window Film Guard Denver Hospitals?

Hospitals across the nation have installed security window film in recent years as a way to protect patients and minimize safety hazards. But using it to prevent theft has been an action taken mostly by retail stores.

However, it’s quite possible that this benefit could be extended to Denver hospitals too. Installing security window film on medical cabinets, supply rooms, and storage areas may reduce the theft of crucial PPE during the pandemic.

As people grow more and more desperate, it’s quite possible that hospitals could become a target for break-ins. In this case, security window film may become a necessity in order not only to protect equipment, but also healthcare workers and doctors.

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