Knowing what safety markers for glass are and how they can help you prevent injuries and litigation is important for your Dallas home or business.

What Are Window Film Safety Distraction Markers?

What Are Window Film Safety Distraction Markers?

In today’s modern world or interior design, large glass windows and walls are a staple.  They give a wonderful open and clean feel to the interiors of any Dallas building or home.  However, they also give rise to a huge issue of people walking into glass and getting hurt. Whether it is due to distraction or simply not noticing clear glass–it is incredibly dangerous.  For this reason there are safety distraction markers for window film. This layer of window film with an embedded pattern to make glass more visible is incredibly effective and has plenty of other benefits to recommend it further. 

3 Benefits Of Distractions Markers 

  1. Increased Safety
    Businesses and even homeowners–don’t even realize their glass is a problem until it is too late.  Accidents from glass are common and often devastating. Which is why we recommend having distraction marker window film installed immediately.  Not only will this film give people the heads up that potentially deadly glass fixtures are present and allow them to avoid them– they could even help you avoid liability because you took the proper steps to avoid injury.
  2. Memorable Branding
    Of course, distraction markers are great for keeping the people in your building safe but for business settings they are also a great way to brand your company. They are incredibly practical films.  You can incorporate your logo, phone number or website address anywhere there is glass in your business, which will be highly visible both inside and out.
  3. Improved Aesthetics
    For residential or commercial properties distraction markers are more than just practical–they can be a wonderful decor element too.  Today’s HD films are lovely and come in a number of patterns and colors that are simply lovely. Not only are there many options for designs available already but these films are customizable too.   So, distraction markers change what would otherwise be a boring pane of glass into a stunning element central to your design. 

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