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Safety and security window films are a great way to protect your investment property from crime and can be used as a workaround for tempered glass.

Defend Colorado Springs Properties With Safety and Security Window Film

Defend Colorado Springs Properties With Safety and Security Window Film

Keeping a property safe is actually one of the most crucial aspects of owning a business or commercial property investment. Without it, there is no way forward to make money and be a sustainable business model. There are numerous ways to get more security at a property: security cameras, security guards, and security window films included. True, different safety and security measures are a good idea–there is one method that stands above others–security window film. It is first and foremost more accessible, but also easier to have applied, and more affordable than other options. Read on to find out all the ways security window film defends your Colorado Springs property against various threats.

Threats Safety and Security Window Film Defends Against

From everyday dangers all around us to devastating attacks, safety and security film defends against threats of all kinds.

  1. UV Rays: Although strong enough to stop a high-velocity object like a bullet, Safety and Security window film also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation beaming through your properties windows.
  2. Break-Ins: Smash and grabs crimes cost property owners big money each year in damages and result in property loss. Security window film is hard to penetrate without many blows, usually causing criminals to move on to an easier target.
  3. Bombs: while Colorado Springs is a pretty safe city. But, the threat of attacks from explosives is still a real thing. This type of violence happens randomly. The best way for buildings with higher security needs to stay safer is–bomb bomb-resistant film. Powerful enough to keep glass intact against the Force from many magnitudes of bombs.
  4. Bullets: No window film can stop every bullet. But with our security window films in coordination with high-tech, CBond adhesive, and specialty framing systems are capable of stopping numerous strikes from many caliber bullets. While the glass will shatter, it will stay adhered to the film– protecting those on your property from grievous injuries.
  5. Accidents: Slip and fall accidents where people fall into glass cause some of the most egregious injuries. Therefore, retrofitting windows on older buildings with security film is a fantastic idea. It even can be used as a workaround for tempered glass and brings buildings up to code.
  6. Natural Disasters: Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes happen at random. These events sometimes give property owners little or no time to prepare by taping windows and putting cardboard up. When you have Safety and Security window film installed on your Colorado Springs property’s windows it is a way of being prepared. This means you can keep the people inside your building safe in advance. Window film keeps glass from flying around after being struck by debris, being shaken, or hit by high winds.

For more information on all the benefits of safety and security window film and how it can improve your Colorado Springs property reach out to us at Scottish Window Tinting today.

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