Reasons to Install Residential Security Window Film for your Phoenix Home in 2021

Reasons to Install Residential Security Window Film for your Phoenix Home in 2021

2020 was a tough year all around. From the coronavirus pandemic to curfew restrictions, the housing market explosion, and beyond, there were too many wild incidents to count that occurred this past year. On top of this, there were several incidents which took place that made many people question their security methods.

While the chaos seems to be subsiding in 2021, now is still not a bad time to consider residential security window film for your Phoenix home. Below, we’ve discussed how this technology works and some of the safety features and benefits homeowners can enjoy.

What Exactly Is Residential Security Film?

Residential security film is a type of passive security system that gets installed on the windows of a home. Unlike most other home security methods (cameras, alarms, etc.), these security films do much more than warn the homeowner about a break-in — they actually delay and slow down the intruder.

Perhaps the best way to understand security film is to think of it as a thick, tear-resistant plastic wrap. The film is installed on both sides of the glass so that if the window breaks, the broken shards will be contained safely within the separate layers. Furthermore, the film stays in place even when the window is broken.

Now imagine how surprised an intruder would be if they encountered this unexpected barrier in their way! Most either give up or are caught because it takes them so long to figure out how to get through the film.

Benefits of Home Security Film in Phoenix

Deterring intruders isn’t the only benefit that security window film can provide to Phoenix residents. Residential security films also:

  • Prevent pets and children from being injured by broken windows
  • Provide an affordable alternative to tempered safety glass
  • Strengthen glass located near pools, hot tubs, bathrooms, and other slippery areas
  • Protect homes from debris swept up by strong winds, dust storms, and monsoons
  • May increase the value of the home

For more details, check out this brochure: 3m-security-window-film-phoenix

Make Your Home More Secure with Window Film

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