Protect Your Business from Glass Breakage with LLumar Security Window Film

Protect Your Business from Glass Breakage with LLumar Security Window Film

Having contingency plans for the unknown is one of the most important things you’ll have to consider as a business owner. From freak accidents to deliberate break-ins and vandalism, anything can happen to Austin storefronts. While it’s not always possible to plan for everything, finding safety and security measures that offer a high level of protection can provide peace of mind while limiting your liability. There are many different options for you to take advantage of for defending your building occupants and valuables. LLumar security window film offers comprehensive defense against numerous threats.

The Advantages of LLumar Security Window Film for Your Austin Property

LLumar security film offers protection against natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, severe weather, freak accidents, and more. By adding strength and flexibility to your existing glass, this innovative product actually bonds glass fragments together after any impact. This mitigates broken glass hazards which are the leading cause for significant injury and blast-related death. Another benefit of this feature is that glass breakage is contained, offering easier cleanup after an event for minimized operational downtime. If intruders or assailants try to gain access to your premises through LLumar security film installed windows, they’ll have a significantly harder time breaking through. This provides precious time for building occupants to better hide or escape until the police arrive.

Work with Austin’s Leading LLumar Security Window Film Contractors

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the leading LLumar security window film contractor serving the Austin, Texas area. We have the most comprehensive selection of LLumar security film, ranging from premium energy-efficient options to specialty security films that offer ballistic resistance and bomb blast protection. We proudly offer security assessments completed by our leading experts and civil engineers.

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