Safety and security window film does a lot to protect Salt Lake City businesses of any type from threats large and small.

Loss Prevention Window Film for Businesses

Loss Prevention Window Film for Businesses

Running a business here in Salt Lake City can be difficult. As an owner, you are responsible for every part of operations. Paying the bills, ordering supplies, and hiring employees are just some of the many things business owners must take on. So when it comes to keeping your commercial space comfortable, safe, and secure, business owners need something easy.  One technology that solves several issues business owners face is window film.  Read below to find out what it can do for your business.

How Window Film Protects Salt Lake City Businesses From Theft And More

Safety and Security window film is a way to protect your SLC business from numerous threats.  No matter what type of business you operate, there is a window film in our catalog for the ultimate protection.

Window Film for Loss Prevention

Security window film is a great way to protect your business against smash and grab crimes.  These crimes happen frequently in any city and are crimes of opportunity.  Security window film makes it significantly harder to penetrate a glass window quickly.   This is because when the glass of your business is struck, the glass will shatter but stay attached to the film.  It will take numerous blows, pulling and prying for a would-be robber to get inside. 

Window Film for UV Protection 

UV rays are bad for businesses.  They destroy merchandise in retail settings and lead to floor and furniture fading in offices.  Also, they put the health of employees and clients alike at risk of sun-related illnesses.  UV blocking window film stops 99.9% of UV radiation from coming through the windows of your commercial spaces.  This powerful protection means people, merchandise, and furnishings in any commercial building are fully protected.

Window Film for More Commercial  Profit 

Commercial spaces are very expensive to heat, cool, and keep comfortable because of the sun’s rays on windows.  They cause solar heat gain, which means that temperatures in commercial spaces are uneven.  This makes HVAC systems work harder and longer, which adds up to high utility bills for businesses.  Window film reduces solar heat gain, blocks glare, and helps HVAC systems work more efficiently.  All of this adds up to lower utility bills and fewer HVAC repairs and saves business owners money each month.

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