How to Address Property Code With Window Film In Fort Collins Businesses

Businesses and commercial properties have the added stress of adhering to property code. Property code was established to ensure the safety of all building occupants. While these codes are crucial for any property, they can often become costly to address. This is true especially for older properties that may have outdated features. For business owners looking to address property codes, window film can provide a cost-effective option. Here’s how window film can help Fort Collins businesses address property code.

The Advantages of Window Film for Fort Collins Businesses for Addressing Property Code

  • Security film alternative for tempered glass: Some older properties may still have annealed glass windows. These windows aren’t up to code since they have a safety risk when broken. Tempered glass is required since it actually breaks less for mitigating broken glass hazards. Security film can be utilized to bring your annealed windows up to code. This cost-effective alternative to glass replacement can provide the same benefits but with quicker installations and better affordability.
  • Decorative film for safety distraction markers: Did you know that commercial properties are required to have safety distraction markers on any glass elements? This is to help minimize the risk of building occupants running into the glass or experiencing accidents. Decorative film can be used to create custom safety distraction markers. Businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to also promote and market their brand. Decorative film can also provide privacy benefits, offering a versatile, multi-purpose solution.

Work With Fort Collins’ Commercial Window Film Experts

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the commercial window film experts serving the Fort Collins area. Our team is always happy to help you find the right investments and money-saving solutions for addressing property code. For more information regarding how window film can help you address commercial property code for your business, please contact us!

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