How Ballistic Resistant / “Bulletproof” Film Protects Austin Buildings

How Ballistic Resistant / “Bulletproof” Film Protects Austin Buildings

You’ve seen it all over the news this year: hurricanes, fires, mass shootings, violent protests and outbreaks….the world is a dangerous place. And Texas is definitely no exception. Texas has been known as a gun friendly state and historically was once a part of the Wild West. While many firearm owners feel that carrying firearms is simply their constitutional right, others are concerned about the increasing violent crime rates in major metro cities. Fortunately, for these concerns, we have a solution. Ballistic resistant window film, also called “bulletproof film,” protects Austin buildings and public spaces from intruders, firearms, explosives, and violent attacks.

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How do ballistic resistant window film systems work?

Ballistic resistant window film systems use a combination of powerful primer and layers of highly durable security window film to strengthen glass surfaces and make them more resistant to impact and penetration. Once applied, the primer enters the pores of the glass and reconfigures the molecular fibers into a more web-like design. This enhancement helps to make the glass significantly more durable, providing for an increase in strength of up to 200%.

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Applications for Ballistic Resistant Window Film in Austin

Ballistic resistant window films are so effective that they’re being taken up by military buildings, airports, government buildings, and secure buildings all across the country. But these aren’t the only places in Austin that can benefit from ballistic resistant films. Ballistic resistant window films are useful for any application in which a higher level of security is desired including:

  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • Airports & bus stations
  • Prisons, jails & police stations
  • High rise office buildings
  • Libraries & museums
  • Sports arenas, theaters & venues
  • Religious buildings & more
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