Restaurant window film has several uses depending on your restaurant’s needs.

When it comes to window film for restaurants, there are several benefits. Some of those benefits include energy efficiency, added privacy, as well as furniture and floor fade protection, just to name a few. If you would like to further explore some of these benefits, keep reading.

Imagine your restaurant on a bitter cold winter day. One by one, your guests troop in shivering, asking for a table “as far from the door” as possible. No one wants to sit near your big beautiful windows, either. Why? Because the heat escapes through the glass and the chill can be felt by the diners sitting next to the windows. Now, with the installation of special energy efficient restaurant window films, this will not happen. You can assure your customers that they will be just as comfortable next to the windows, because you have a special coating on the glass that keeps in the heat.

The reverse is true in the summer. Do you need to blast the AC from morning to night to keep your guests comfortable, because the sun’s heat is baking the premises as well as your chef is baking the pastries? We can install a restaurant window film that will cut the sun’s heat gain by as much as 50 – 60 percent. Some of our window films even enhance the optical clarity of the glass, making your views even sharper and prettier and making your customers much more comfortable at the same time. An energy efficient window film will also block the sun’s UV rays by as much as 99%, helping your furnishings and flooring and even your artwork to remain new looking and unfaded for a much longer period of time.

What if your eating establishment is on a busy street with a lot of foot traffic, or the windows open onto a not too delightful view, like a parking lot, for example. Again, restaurant window film offers a wonderfully affordable solution. This is a completely different product than the energy efficient, cost-cutting window films we talked about in the previous paragraph. This product won’t save you money on heating or cooling but will definitely give your diners more privacy, or something prettier to look at. Decorative or privacy restaurant window films come in a wide variety of patterns, degree of opacity, and colors. They can have your logo or restaurant name on them, to be used for marketing purposes as well as privacy and aesthetic purposes.

So as you can see, commercial, high-quality restaurant window films can have many applications for your dining establishment. Which one is right for you? Which one solves the needs of your staff or customers? Why not contact us today to discuss our line of commercial window films and receive a free quote?