Residential Window Film Denver

When you think about window film, getting on your home may not be the first thing you think of.  However, it’s becoming a great option for homeowners throughout Colorado to get fantastic energy savings out of their existing windows.  Window film is a great investment for countless reasons, but we want to share a few with you here.

Benefits of Residential Window Film

At Scottish Window Film, we provide some pretty fantastic brands for residential window film, and we are experts with these products. Here are a few reasons that this process will improve your home and life:

  • Anti-glare: Most window film options offer this benefit, and it can really affect your daily life as a technology user.  You’ll notice less glare from sun reflecting on television screens, computers, and even cell phones.  When you have a lot of great natural light coming through your windows, it’s hard to pull the blinds over just so you can see your screens clearly.
  • UV ray protection: Overtime, UV rays that pass through your windows can fade your floors, furniture, walls, and even your curtains.  By adding window film to your home, you’ll be blocking 99 percent of UV rays, compared to only about 11 percent with untreated glass. This means that your belongings will last longer, and need less maintenance over time.  Who doesn’t want that?
  • Longer lasting heating and cooling units: When you start saving energy on heating and cooling year-round, your heating and cooling units won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. This means less maintenance, and overall longer lasting units for your home, saving you money in yet another way!
  • Energy savings: This is by far the biggest reason that homeowners choose to invest in window film.  You can save up to 60 percent on your heating and cooling bills, which can make a huge difference for your finances.  Because of these huge savings, window film actually can pay for itself in as little as 2-5 years.  Did we mention that the initial investment is only about one tenth of the cost of replacing your windows?

Scottish Window Film

At Scottish Window Film we offer the most effective, high quality window films available today.  Our films actually form a permanent bond to the glass on your windows which means you’ll never have any peeling or bubbles through the life of your windows, and your window film will stay just as effective as the day it was installed.  Give us a call or send an email today to learn more about getting this incredible product installed on your windows immediately!