Privacy window film for office applications.

Privacy window film has many different uses. Office applications are one of them. Some offices have glass windows leaving little or no privacy, which can be particularly disconcerting if you are on a street floor in a busy part of town with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Although you want passersby to find your business, you also don’t want your staff or your customers distracted or made self-conscious by the fact that everyone can see in. You don’t need that distraction, and neither does your staff.

Hubbub in the street or even in the next cubicle over can be very distracting when you are trying to focus on completing deadlines, trying to learn something new and technical, or trying to get a new project done. Privacy seems to be a growing concern in the business sector. It’s particularly important in industries such as medical, massage, or even the beauty treatment industry where customers do not want to be seen by every prying eye that goes by.

But at the same time, you don’t want to block the light. Big windows are an enticement, and might be one of the reasons you bought or rented that particular office space. What is the solution? Curtains? Shades? Inner walls to block off any sight of what goes on?

Of course, we recommend privacy window film. It is not just for your exterior windows, but can be perfect on glass partitions/cubicles that many offices have today, for extra privacy as well. If your office is in an office building where the interior doors all have glass panels, it’s a great way to have more privacy and perhaps also your name or logo right in the window film.

One of the many benefits of a privacy film is it can look like expensive frosted glass, or it can be decorative. But either way, it is an affordable solution to a modern day problem. It can also greatly add to the entire look of your offices, if you choose one of our many decorative options.

Translucent, semi-opaque and opaque options are available. Intrigued? Want to see some of the many options available? Click here.

And, privacy window film is quickly and easily installed for a chic, sleek, professional look with no fuss, no muss, and no interruption of your business!

Need more privacy? Why not give us a call here at Scottish Window Tinting and talk to us about the various options for privacy and decorative window films. We look forward to working with you.