How to Choose the Right Window Film Brands

After doing some research on window film, you may be wondering which brand to go with for your home. At Scottish Window Tinting, we offer three major window film brands; Vista, EnerLogic, and Llumar. We want to take you through the benefits of each so that you can make a more informed decision.

Each of these brands provide the highest quality window film available, in different ways. However, they all stand apart from competitors because of one important factor; these brands create a bond between the film and the window, instead of using adhesive. This means that the film won’t bubble over time, and it becomes permanently attached to your windows, giving you all the benefits with none of the upkeep.

Vista Window Film Brands

Vista Window Film is the top of the line as far as this product goes. Vista uses the best materials, and creates the strongest bond to yo
ur windows. Vista also offers a wide array of choices for your home, including many different shades and visual choices.

When you’re looking at investing in window film for your home, one of your most important decision factors will involve your budget. Of course, window film pays for itself in an extremely short period of time; only 2 to 5 years. Still, the price matters. Vista is one of the more expensive brands, simply because of the high quality materials involved in the manufacturing of this product, and the quality is worth the price.

EnerLogic Window Film Brands

EnerLogic Window Film uses the best technology available for their products. In the past, most window films only helped control energy use in the summer by blocking heat out. However, in the colder months, this film was unable to keep the heat inside.

This brand is the most effective at lowering your heating and cooling bills throughout the year, and it utilizes the best technology to do so. They use a low-emissive coating that reflects energy back to its source, no matter what season. This coating is like adding another pane to your window, and this new pane just happens to reflect the air inside, well, back inside, and keep what’s out, out.

Llumar Window Film Brands

When it comes to window film brands with more purposes than energy savings, Llumar is the one for you. Their products have the same insulating benefits as other window films, and they offer many choices for more complex, protective and decorative films.

Llumar offers an extremely effective security window film option, for example. This is most common for businesses, particularly those with a storefront location. This product holds the window glass together so effectively that breaking through this window can be nearly impossible. This means the possibility of your business being successfully robbed drops significantly.

Llumar Window Film also offers designed, opaque options. These are a great way to add privacy to an office, different restaurant sections, or just to a window, while adding a touch of style at the same time. Again, this option is most popular in businesses and office locations.

Adding window tinting to your home or business is a great investment. The average home film purchase is only about $1,100, and the investment will pay for itself many times over. If you want to learn more about getting window film in your home, take a look at our blog “Top Five Reasons to Get Window Tinting in Your Home.”

Any of the brands we offer at Scottish Window Tinting will be a great addition to your home, and we would love to answer any of your questions about our products. Give us a call or send us an email to set up a consultation today!