Hotel window film can save you money on your energy costs.

Keeping hotels at a comfortable temperature for your guests all year round can be difficult, not to mention extremely expensive. Aside from guests leaving with the heat or AC blasting, there is also the issue of the heat escaping right through the glass in the winter, or the summer sun baking the room in the summer. Did you know there was a product on the market that would not cost a fortune and would immediately start saving on both your heating and cooling costs? We are talking about hotel window film.

Installing energy efficient window film in your hotel, lodge, or motel can help keep your energy costs down while keeping your guests comfortable and happy. A win-win, wouldn’t you agree?

This particular commercial product is state of the art and the highest quality available. After installation, it creates a molecular bond with the glass and will be long lasting, resisting peeling or scratching. Depending on the amount of heat gain you wish to block, we have hotel window film that can create a mirrored appearance to the outside of the window, or window film that will be barely noticeable once applied.

If excessive heat gain in the summer is an issue, you can use a darker window film that will cut glare as well to make your guests even more comfortable. Give your establishment a competitive edge while you knock down high heating and cooling costs. The hotel window films we recommend will usually pay for themselves in two to five years just with savings you’ll receive on your energy bills, that is how energy efficient they truly are.

Of course, we can’t do anything to help you with the guests who leave the AC blasting all day while they are out and about. That is just the cost of doing business in the modern era. But why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of an easy to install product that can save you a large amount of money in the long term?

If you have any green initiatives at your hotel, spa, or resort, hotel window film is another one to add to your list. This is something that consumers are starting to look for more and more. Impress your guests with your commitment to lowering your carbon footprint with hotel window film as well.

For more information about our line of commercial window films, why not contact Scottish Window Tinting today for a free quote? We’d love to help you lower energy costs in your hotel and we’d also love to earn your business.