Hotel Window Film is A Green Cost-cutting Idea Whose Time Has Come!

Hotel window films (also known as window tinting) provides hotels with a proven way to lower their utility costs and increase their bottom line. And in today’s highly competitive business world, with discount sites lowering prices and hotels and motels of every size and budget dotting the landscape, finding ways to cut costs while providing your customers with more value just makes good business sense.

Let’s take a closer look. We mentioned providing your hotel customers with more value. How does hotel window film accomplish that task? By cutting uncomfortable glare and damaging UV rays. After the application of window film, the guest’s room will naturally stay much more comfortable without either the use of the air-conditioner in the summer, or as much heat in the winter. This is because our commercial hotel window films will block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays from entering the room, cutting glare dramatically. They will also prevent up to 75% of heat gain in the summer, allowing the room to stay much cooler without turning on the AC.

And we’ve probably all stayed in hotel rooms where the AC was so noisy, we’ve wished we didn’t have to use it, but without it the room became stifling.

Many hotels here in Colorado feature gorgeous views; that is one of their main selling points. Why should your guests have to sacrifice those views for comfort, if they need to pull the drapes to keep the sun out during certain hours of the day?

We guarantee your guests will be delighted with hotel window film, whether they have any awareness it’s there or not. The darkening will be all but imperceptible, the optical clarity of the view will be increased, and all your guests will know is that they stayed in a fantastically comfortable room and had a terrific time.





Benefits of hotel window film:

Lowers heating and cooling costs, which are both high here in Colorado due to the cold winters and the strength of the sun all year round.

As you know, even if a room is empty, it needs to remain warm in the winter. Guests cannot arrive suddenly and be shown into a room the temperature of a freezer. Because window films work passively, there is nothing to turn on or off—they simply keep the heat inside the room, letting much less of it escape through the glass and considerably impacting your bottom line.

Lowers your environmental footprint, which might also be a terrific selling point with your guests. Many people today are very “green” conscious. Make sure to mention that your hotel features this green product in your marketing material!

An affordable investment which will pay for itself in a few short years.

Reflective window films can offer more privacy for guests as well.

If you’d like more information, we’d love to talk to you about the best hotel window film for your particular needs. Why not contact us today?