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For offices, glare-reducing window film is a fantastic way to make their spaces more comfortable and save them money on energy bills too!

3 Ways to Improve Your San Antonio Office with Glare Reduction Window Film

3 Ways to Improve Your San Antonio Office with Glare Reduction Window Film

That constant glare here in San Antonio causes a lot of issues for offices. It may seem like something that is only annoying not damaging but the truth is– glare could be hamstringing the performance of your employees, lessening the efficacy of your HVAC system, and could even be the cause of grave diseases. The problems that stem from glare are due to the sun’s UV rays. These rays cause health problems for the people in your office and stopping them adds up to a better workspace and in the long run, increased profits for you. 

Here is why.

Glare Reduction Window Film Reduces Eye Strain

The sun’s UV rays streaming through your window obscure computer screens forcing employees to strain their eyes to see them. This is also true of TVs in meeting and conference rooms. This type of labored viewing leads to things like headaches and other health problems that greatly affect the productivity of employees. Glare reducing window films reduce this by blocking the UV rays, keeping screens viewable, and preserving the eye health of your prized workers.

Glare Reduction Window Film Evens Out Temperatures

The powerful sun we get here in San Antonio translates to solar heat gain on windows. This heat transfer is what causes the area around the windows to be uncomfortably hot. This phenomenon also causes uneven temperatures throughout your office–known as hot and cold spots. What this means is your workplace is a hard place to get things done because the environment distracts employees from their work. Glare reducing window film drastically reduces solar heat gain and makes office temperatures more even. This allows employees to get more work done in a comfortable controlled environment. 

Glare Reduction Window Film Preserves Furnishings

Finally, there is the issue of UV rays coming through your office windows and causing harm to furnishings. UV rays are what fade upholstery, wood floors, and furniture. By blocking glare, window film keeps office furniture from deteriorating prematurely and saves your office money in replacement rugs, floors, artwork, and more. 

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