The best way to curb the glare of the sun on hotel windows and get more guest comfort is to have window film applied to them!

Maximize Comfort without Sacrificing Style in Hotels Using UV Reduction Window Film

Maximize Comfort without Sacrificing Style in Hotels Using UV Reduction Window Film

If you own, manage or work in a hotel you know that your interiors are everything! Maintaining a hotel involves keeping the guest comfortable but also providing gorgeous exterior they love the look of. Achieving this balance can be difficult especially when it comes to reducing UV rays and glare on hotel windows while keeping the views and appearance intact. A recent job we did reminded us that window film makes style and comfort possible for hotels here in San Antonio and across the US. Read more about it below.

Solar Window Film For UV Protection And Glare Reduction In Hotels

In one of our most recent hotel window tinting jobs, our Marriot client was about to install expensive roller shades to deal with the intense glare through their large iconic windows. These windows had stunning views and were part of an amazing convention center with a bustling interior. When we met with them we pointed out that, although they would lose the glare and punishing UV rays they would also reduce the allure of the open, scenic space. They agreed and asked us to find a solution to glare and UV exposure that would keep their hotel windows unique style and stunning views.


Finding A Window Tint For Hotel Style And Comfort

It took our window tinting experts several trials and errors to find just the right film for style in comfort in this specific case. Since the windows faced west, the glare of the sun from 2 until sunset was a real challenge. It meant we need to use a spectrally selective film with a significant reduction in visible light. However, since preserving the view was the entire point of the job–we had to be sure to use a high-end film with gorgeous aesthetics that wasn’t too dark. In the end, the hotel managers loved the look and the UV blocking effect of the Llumar DRN-35. This film has it all. It blocks glare, UV rays, and solar heat gain, making the space conducive to use by guests while preserving interior furnishings. Plus, it is a simply stunning film to look at and actually adds to the windows aesthetics instead of detracting from them

This is not the first hotel we have solved the issue of glare for–it is something that we do well and we know can help your San Antonio hotel battle glare too. Contact us for a free, on-site consultation for your San Antonio hospitality space today!

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