How to Improve Colorado Springs Offices with Glare Reduction Window Film

How to Improve Colorado Springs Offices with Glare Reduction Window Film

Does your office lack comfort or energy efficiency? Do your employees constantly complain about glare? If so, your Colorado Springs business could probably benefit from glare reduction window film.

Benefits of Window Film in Office Environments

Nowadays, a lot of effort is being made to use office design in order to boost productivity. When work environments are used in the right way, they have a tremendous impact on employee energy levels, focus, and happiness. This all means a more productive office and, ultimately, more money made.

That means if it’s been a few years since you updated your office, you may be overdue for some renovations. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out and spend millions of dollars. A few small changes can make a big impact.

One good place to start is by examining your office windows. Do they let in too much light and create a lot of glare? Are nearby cubicles too hold or cold and therefore uncomfortable? If so, you should consider investing in glare reduction window film for your Colorado Springs building. Doing so could dramatically boost your office’s productivity and comfort, thereby helping you generate more revenue.

Where to Install Glare Reduction Window Film

Once you’ve identified that glare is definitely an issue in your office, we recommend taking a look at your entire layout to see where it’s coming from the most so you can pinpoint the issue. Are there skylights that are causing glare? Or is it simply the windows surrounding the perimeter of your building? Some popular applications for glare reduction window film include:

  • Skylights, glass ceilings, and atriums
  • Glass doors and walls
  • Front entrances
  • Transom windows
  • How Much Does Glare Reduction Window Film Cost?

    Most of the time, glare reduction window films are cheaper than blinds, shades, and other window coverings. They also last longer too – up to ten years! On average, in Colorado Springs, glare reduction window film costs about $9-18/sq foot. For more information, check out our page on window film pricing.

    Looking for more info? Check out this brochure!: glare-reduction-window-film-offices-colorado-springs

    Say Goodbye to Glare and Hello to Year Round Comfort!

    Create a more comfortable, productive office environment. Call Scottish Window Tinting today to request installation services for glare reduction window film in Colorado Springs.