Energy Efficient Window Film can make your windows more efficient.

Energy efficiency is one of the buzzwords of this century, and with good reason. Many aspects of a home can be made much more efficient, so you as a homeowner can use less energy, lower your carbon footprint, and save significant amounts of money.

When it comes to windows, energy efficiency is extremely important. Not all windows are built with energy efficiency in mind, particularly the older ones. But having energy efficient windows can easily mean the difference between an enormous energy bill and one that is manageable.

If you can hardly pay your energy bill (or just would rather not), then you probably don’t even want to think about the cost of replacement windows either. Sure, Low-E glass sounds fantastic, but the price tag of all new windows? Ouch!

One way to give your existing windows more energy efficiency is to install energy efficient window film. This is a cost efficient home improvement investment that will pay for itself in a few short years, but the benefits will continue long after that. We are talking about lowered heating and cooling bills, the need to use less air conditioning, and a home that stays more comfortable year round.

Let’s talk about the Colorado summers. The sun shines almost all the time, and the heat gain into your home through your windows is considerable. You can either blast your AC, close the windows each morning and draw the drapes, or just suffer. Yet, depending on the type of window film you choose, you could be cutting down on 50% of that heat gain. Many of our clients report not needing their air conditioners at all any more after installing energy efficient window film.

And what about the UV rays of the sun and its glare, which beats right in through ordinary glass and causes you eye strain. Not to mention fading your expensive furnishings. With energy efficient window film, 99% of the sun’s UV rays are blocked.

In the winter, the benefits continue. Energy efficient window films give a single pane of glass the thermal efficiency of a double pane, and a double pane the efficiency of a triple pane. Meaning your heat does not escape through the glass, it stays inside your home keeping you warmer and cozier for less money.

You’ve probably noticed that some rooms in your home are much colder in the winter, frequently it is the rooms with the largest windows. That is because the heat in the house escapes right through the glass. But that will no longer happen once you install a top-grade energy efficiency window film such as the one we recommend for residential use, Vista Window Film.

There are a large variety of choices when it comes to window films, and if it is energy efficiency you are looking for, we’d love to discuss it with you. Why not contact us today to find out which is the perfect energy efficient window film for your home?