Window Film Tops the Energy Efficiency ROI

A window film study was recently released by the IFWA to demonstrate the rapid ROI for home owners that install window film. Please take a few moments to glance through the study yourself.

After wading through all the data and documentation it makes clear that while window film isn’t the most effective energy efficiency upgrade you can make to your Denver (Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Austin) home, it is very effective, and given it’s low cost or low, it is the energy efficiency upgrade that provides the most rapid ROI for most typical homeowners.

The study explains that while window film may not need to be applied to every window in your house, adding it to south and western facing windows can block the heat of the sun that often causes air conditioners to run. By reducing your cooling bills the study suggests that window film can provide a payback for the typical homeowner in between 1 and 2 years.

Window Film’s 1-2 Year Payback

While adding window film to your home might be a simple way to save money on your energy bills after 1 to 2 years, it becomes even more valuable when its other benefits (which the study does not note) are taken into consideration as well.

Window Film Reduces Fading

The most important of these considerations is the lengthened life which window film can provide for carpets, hardwood floors, furniture and artwork. By blocking the 99.9% of all UV rays that might otherwise pass through a window, window film significantly slows the fading which can otherwise cause floors to be refinished and carpets or furniture to be replaced.

Winter Window Film Efficiency

Additionally, certain times of window film helps save energy in the winter. They not only block the summer heat from entering a home, but they block the winter heat from escaping a home. This is particularly useful for our window film clients in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder & Fort Collins.

Residential & Commercial Applications

The study primarily addresses the value of residential window film, using only residential homes in its data set. Window film however is a great option for commercial and industrial clients as well. Window films for these clients sometimes has benefits beyond energy efficiency. Many times these clients need the safety, security, loss prevention, or even decorative beenfits which window film can offer.

Whatever your window film need, whether in Texas or Colorado, Scottish Window tinting is proud to provide you with a full range of services. Contact us today to schedule you free on site consultation.

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