Window film has a lot of benefits for San Antonio homes and businesses but one of the best ones is definitely real world money savings.

How Window Film Adds Up to Real Savings

How Window Film Adds Up to Real Savings

Window film has a lot of benefits but what it is best at is saving people money.  In both residential and commercial settings, these amazing films and tints put more money back in people’s pockets while providing a host of benefits. Window tinting is an economic bonus for homes or businesses of any size and on almost any budget.   With a fast ROI, it is one technology for everyone to consider having installed.  Installation is easy and, in most cases, is done in just one day.

The Money Saving Benefits of Window Film

Extending the life of furnishings by blocking UV rays: Things like furniture, flooring, drapes, and upholstery are all costly.  They are also things that are susceptible to sun damage from UV rays. Window film blocks 99.9% of these rays meaning all of the items in your space last longer, from chairs to artwork and hardwood floors.  This means less money spent on replacements and more money in your pocket in the short and long term.

Protecting valuables from theft:  One of the biggest crimes in the US is robbery.  Homes and businesses alike can fall prey to these types of offenses.  Window film makes glass stronger, more flexible, and harder to penetrate.  Plus, even after being hit, the glass stays adhered to the window film.  This deters thieves and keeps the valuables in your home and business secured behind your glass windows and doors. 

Lower heating and cooling bills:  Utility bills are high in the city during summer and winter.  These extra costs add up fast and can get out of control if not addressed.  Window film acts like insulation in the winter to keep in the air you pay to heat.  In the summertime, window film keeps in cold air but also lowers solar heat gain on windows.  All of this means lower utility bills year-round and more money for you to spend on the things and activities you enjoy.

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Mike Kinsey

For the past fifteen years, Mike Kinsey has been consulting on window tinting projects all across the United States. As the Operations Manager at Scottish Window Tinting, Mike strives to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied and personally oversees all projects from start to finish. His extensive background in project management and construction gives him unique perspective and insight which he brings to every job. Mike has sold and installed over 250,000 sq. ft. of window film and is an expert on all brands. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.

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