Window film is one of the best ways to stay cool inside and save money but there some other things you can do that help with head reduction.

5 Ways To Stay Cool Inside Your Home When It’s So Hot Outside

5 Ways To Stay Cool Inside Your Home When It’s So Hot Outside

This summer is a hot one across the country and in San Antonio, it is no different. Add to this that we are all spending a lot more time inside because of the pandemic and home life is a lot more stressful. While you can’t be rid of the pandemic, for now, you can lower the temperature inside your home to take the edge off with just a few simple steps.

Steps to Keep Your San Antonio Home Cooler and More Comfortable

Have Window Film Installed: Window film is cost-effective and can be installed in just one day. The difference in the temperature of your house and your energy bills will amaze you. Plus, you will stay cool all summer long and warmer in the winter too!
Don’t Use Your Oven: There is nothing worse than adding heat in the form of a 400-degree oven during a heatwave. This is why grilling every night is a wonderful solution to keeping your San Antonio home cooler. You get to be outside and get some much-needed vitamin D from the sunshine– a great way to battle pandemic blues.
Do Chores After Sunset: Whether it is laundry, dishes or even basic cleaning chores are a sure-fire way to make a warm home unbearable. Wait until after the sun sets to start on that to-do list and you will be happier for it.
Keep Your Thermostat At 78-degrees: It sounds high to set your central air but that is the government recommendation to get the most bang for your buck during hot summers. You can offset this slightly warmer temperature by using fans and evaporative cooling to get you San Antonio home nice and cool.
Change Your A/C filter: Cooling systems constantly take in air. So, all the dust and dirt floating around, inside and out, get trapped in their filters. The best way to have a home cooling system that is working efficiently is by doing the regular maintenance and timely filter changes too.

For more information on staying cool with window film on your San Antonio home’s windows–contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today.

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