What Are the Best Home Window Film Brands on the Market?

What Are the Best Home Window Film Brands on the Market?

When it comes to window film solutions, homeowners have a lot to choose from. With so many residential window film manufacturers out there, finding the right investment for you can be tough. Residential window film is crafted from so many different materials and has their own set of pros and cons. We’ve worked with all window film manufacturers to experience first hand to find the best home window film brands on the market.

The Best Residential Window Film Brands for Kansas City Homes

  1. 3M: 3M has remained one of the industry leaders in residential energy efficient window film. They have different series that offer exclusive benefits from dual-climate insulation to optically clarity at night. 3M even offers residential safety films with energy efficiency benefits.
  2. LLumar: As one of our more popularly installed residential window film products, LLumar has a lot of energy-saving benefits to offer. With different finishes and tints, homeowners can find a great option for their property.
  3. Vista: Vista’s primarily designed for residential properties, providing endless series that improve home comfort and money-saving opportunities. Vista provides excellent solar heat rejection characteristics.
  4. Huper Optik: We love recommending Huper Optik since they have different window film options that utilize different materials. From metalized films to polyester-based options, Huper Optik is a great option for any home. They focus on sustainability and have incredible products that help you save all year-round.

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Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred window film contractor serving the Kansas City area. We’ve partnered with all the leading window film manufacturers so that our clients have access to the best options on the market. Our comprehensive selection of residential window film ensures you’ll find the right investment for your home. For more information regarding residential film, please contact us!

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